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About Shibaura

About Shibaura

Shibaura was founded in 1950 by two companies, Toshiba (Tokyo-Shibaura-Engineering) and IHI (Ishikawajima Harima Industries). The company originally began as a manufacturer of light and heavy engines. Only in 1961 they completed a tractor factory for manufacturing tractors up to 40 hp, in 2-wheel and 4-wheel versions. In 1978 the first series of tractors over 50 hp were brought into production. Shibaura is still a relatively young company and has grown very quickly compared to European standards.

At this moment the production takes place in three factories, of which the tractor factory in Matsumoto covers an area of about 35 acres. In Asahi there is a complete new engine factory.





Matsumoto tractor factory           

  Asahi engine factory


ln Okayama there is a factory covering an area of about 5 acres, where we manufacture ozone equipment.




Okayama factory                           



The Shibaura head office is located in Tokyo.



 Tokyo Head Office


Parent company IHI
Shibaura is now fully owned by the IHI group. IHI is a leading Japanese company in the fields of aviation, jet engines, power stations, bridge construction, industrial machines and shipbuilding.

Shibaura products
Through the years, Shibaura has built a reputation as a manufacturer of pure quality products and as an important global brand in the field of professional lawn and park machines.
The Shibaura programme in Europe consists of:
- an extensive range of Shibaura lawn and park machines (for professional maintenance)
- a excellent programme of powertools (brush cutters, blowers and hedge trimmers)
- a complete programme of Shibaura engines (for industry, shipping and machines).

For more information we would like to refer you to the extensive information that is available for each model.

Shibaura Europe B.V.
In order to be able to deliver a good service to the customer, Shibaura Europe B.V. was founded in April 1991. Shibaura Europe B.V. works in cooperation with specialized dealers who sell Shibaura products. This dealer network handles the sales of all Shibaura products to the end user. In this way you will get the best advice, the best product, as well as optimum service and parts supply.

Of course, you are very welcome at our site on the industrial estate Bemmel-Huissen.