Shibaura SB22, SB25 and SB31 compact tractors

The SB22, SB25 and SB31 are equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine of resp. 21, 24 and 30 hp. The powerful diesel engines make it possible do get almost every job done.
The SB22 is equipped with a mechanical drive, the SB25 with a hydrostatic drive and the SB31 is available with both a mechanical and a hydrostatic drive.
Do to the clear dashboard, the control functions such as oil pressure, lighting and temperature can be monitored carefully, so that the tractor can be kept in optimum condition.
The handles are placed ergonomically around the comfortable seating position of the driver.
The easy to disengage PTO shaft has 540 and 960 rpm at the rear and the middle PTO shaft has 2600 rpm.

They are very suitable for work with a front loader.