Shibaura GT161 Lawn and garden tractor

The Shibaura GT161 is specially designed for the demanding user. The GT161 is a powerful, quiet, efficient and reliable diesel grass mower with a power of 17 hp. 

Standard, this lawn and garden tractor is equipped with power steering and hydrostatic transmission. With one foot, and without disengaging, you can drive forward, backward, with more and/or less speed. It is possible to lock the selected speed by means of the cruise control, in this way you can give your full attention to the work at hand. The very short turning circle makes it very easy to cut around trees and along buildings.

Mowing quality
The GT161 diesel lawn and garden tractor is provided with a 1.22 m wide mower. The mower has three blades and has no problems cutting all types of grass and processes the cut vegetation without any interruption. As the blades overlap each other, they will leave no remaining lines of grass. The mower is easy to control through the hydraulic lift. It is also very easy to remove the mower for cleaning and maintenance purposes.