Shibaura SX20G, SX26G en SX26D Mowers with collector

The SX26G and SX26D are available with a low or high discharge grass collection system and have a hydraulic PTO.
The SX20G is equipped with a grass collection system with a collection container of 410 liters.
The SX26G and SX26D can be equipped with a 640 liter grass catcher (high discharge) or a 600 liter grass catcher (low discharge).
Both grass collection systems can be added at any time. The attachment is simple and requires only screwing on the drain pan that you want to use and connecting the hydraulic hoses.
High-quality cutting decks.
There is a 102 cm and 122 cm cutting deck. Both cutting units are equipped with heavy counter-rotating and double cutting blades.
The SX26G and SX26D can only be equipped with the 122 cm cutting deck.
The cutting decks have optimum geometry for processing cuttings, for better collection and mulching results. Reinforced edges ensure more durability.
All machines are equipped with a container sensor that closely monitors the air flow through the deck and the grass catcher and gives a signal when the container is full.
The machines can be provided with a hydraulic package. This package provides hydraulic power for roller brooms, flail mowers and snow throwers.
Possible accessories are:
Comfort cabin, trailer, snowblower, roller broom, mulch kit and snowplow.